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Makati City - Batac City signed Sisterhood Pact

To promote progress and economic growth among cities, a sisterhood signing agreement between Batac City & Makati City took place at the 22 storey city hall last  March 30, 2009 at 6:00 o'clock in the evening, duly attended by the Mayors of  both cities, and the whole officialdom and department heads of the City of Batac. Makati City Councilor Tosca Camille Puno, Atty. Francisco Roman  and Ms. Marjorie A. De Veyra, acting Makati City Administrator were also present during the signing.


After the Batac City delegation was welcomed by the MAPSA Band, a tour at the Makati City Hall followed. Makati's Best Practices was presented to the delegation in the huge conference hall of the city's elegant session hall. The amazing œcommand unit located at the 21st floor has 7 huge flat screen television, 20 units computer monitoring weather and traffic conditions being reflected by the many cctv cameras installed all over the central business district of the city for security, emergency purposes and weather condition updates.

Before the formal signing, a simple program was conducted where both Mayors exchanged ideas and insights. Mayor Binay shared his administration's accomplishments and programs. According to him, the presence of the University of Makati which given free tuition fees to students is his best gift to the people of Makati. The Senior Citizens who are very much loved are being given many benefits they deserve such as medical, burial and other financial assistance, free movie entrance and even birthday gifts.

Mayor Nalupta expressed his deep gratitude to the officials and the people of Makati. He said that the City of Batac still has a long way to go to catch up with what Makati has achieved. However, he said that with Batac's present resources, capabilities and strong leadership, it will soon follow and emulate what Mayor Binay has done.  On the other hand he stressed that the most important thing in the sisterhood pact is the building of bridge between the two cities for their strong partnership in development.

A ceremonial giving of token was done after the sisterhood signing.