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Human Resource & Mng't. Office

The dramatic changes in the 21st century such as globalization and rapid changes in the technological world has also seen changes on how human resources are best managed and organized. Human resource is the most important asset to an organization’s success.

The public sector has not been spared with these changes and is beginning to adopt the trends in modern human resource management practices. Human resource policies are geared towards redefining the role of public servants into a multi-task oriented one.

The unicipal Government of Batac has adopted and implemented HR policies that will prepare every employee in a world of dramatic changes in general. They are to be prepared as one of the key stakeholders of thelocal government in the delivery of more essential public services especially that we are in the process of conversion into a city.

TheHuman Resource Management Office played a proactive role in therealization of this vision as shown in the accomplishments for the year:

  • The strengthening and implementation of the human resource development interventions that enhanced work competencies of the employees such as technical trainings and educational tour.
  • Adoption of personnel policies and system in the area of job planning, recruitment and selection in order to establish a pool of potential employees.
  • Personnel records were updated.


The Human Resource Management Office conducted preliminary evaluation of applicants and prepared a pool of qualified applicants that is readily available for possible placement to entry positions and promotion to higher positions. Recruitment of staff in the health services was given priority in support of the expansion of health services of the local government.

The qualification database of employees was maintained and updated during the year.

Three regular employees joined the Municipal Government during the year.


The Human Resource Management Office assisted the Local Chief Executive in the preparation and drafting of human resource policies geared towards the preparation of the conversion of the Municipal Government into a city. This means more essential services wil delivered to the community.

Renewed campaign for attendance and punctuality was reiterated to all employees. Internal rules on leave of absence were also amended.

The conversion of heath services into economic enterprise is being studied in view of the establishment of the maternity and lying-in center of the Municipal Health Office.


People have become the most important factor in achieving organizational success. A series of human resource development intervention were developed and implemented.

For the first time in the history of HRD, twenty-one elective and heads of departments/sections went on an educational tour to the Senate to observe parliamentary procedures and at the same time attended the hearing on the application for city hood of Batac. Fourteen staff went to Laguna and Batangas to observe waste management system.

The 3rd MGB inter-colors bowling tournament was conducted with twelve competing teams from the physically-fit officials and employees. The MGB team also participated in the 11th season of the Batac Inter-Agency Friendship Games.

Forty trainings, workshops, conferences and conventions in the area of professional, scientific and technical programs were participated in by sixty-six personnel of the Municipal Government. These were conducted by outside agencies and organizations.

We conducted briefings and updates on personnel policies to all municipal officials and employees.

We kept abreast of the latest trends and policies on public human resource management through the internet and attendance to various HR fora such as the Council of Personnel Officers and POAP.


The Performance Evaluation System was continuously implemented during the year. However, the timetable was not properly observed due to lack of familiarity with its complex mechanics.


The Personnel Selection Board convened only once during the year to fill up the vacancy of Nurse Ii in the Municipal Health Office.


The grant of additional compensation in the amount of P 1,500.00 per month was given to all officials and regular employees of the Municipal Government. Likewise, the grant of extra performance bonus in the amount of P 8,000.00 was given to all officials and employees.

The grant of length of service step increments was given to sixty-seven employees while retired\separated employees received their terminal leave pay.

We proposed the granting of benefits such as loyalty pay and anniversary bonus to qualified officials and employees.


There was no administrative complaint/case tackled during the year.


The Family Day and Annual Christmas Program were conducted to enhance work-life balance among employees. The participation of the immediate members of the family in the activities promotes camaraderie in the workplace.


The Batac Municipal Employees MPCI continues to serve the consumer needs of the employees. We are in the process of presenting 2004-2006 financial statement of the cooperative.

The Municipal Employees Association spearheaded the Clean and Green Program of the Municipality. Every department was assigned a particular area along the municipal hall and plaza to landscape. This project showed the creativity, innovation and aesthetic sense of evey employee.


The performance of the Municipal Government was cited when the Local Chief Executive was awarded as Finalist in the Leadership Award on Local Governance sponsored by the Senate of the Republic of the Philippines

In the field of sports, the Municipal Government of Batac emerged as the over-all champion during the 11th Season of the Batac Inter-Agency Friendship Games. We also conducted the awards program for the winners in the 3nd MBG Bowling Tournament.


  • Employee turnover was relatively low during the year.
  • Three employees left the Municipal Government during the year: one terminated, one resigned and one died.


The personnel records of one-hundred seventy five personnel were continuously updated during the year.


  • The Human Resource Management Office is always in the lookout for ways to improve its systems and operations. Some problems and issues in the work line that need to be given workable solutions include;
  • A need for continuous orientation/update/briefing on the changes in human resource policies to all employees.
  • A need to familiarize all employees about the career personnel mechanisms such as Personnel Evaluation System, Grievance Machinery, Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) and Grievance Machinery System.
  • A need for the expansion of employee welfare and service programs.
  • Strengthening the viability of the employee association andcooperative.


Strengthening of human resource development program and alternative HRD interventions to improve and develop competence, behavior and attitude of employees.

Conduct of orientation on the career personnel mechanisms to all employees.

The development of application systems in information technology that will enhance or support internal operations of the HRM function of the Municipal Government such as the following;

  • Personnel Information System
  • Attendance and Leave Monitoring System
  • 201 File Information Systems

Provision of more employee economic welfare and service programs to augment income of employees.