DOCS 5955481 – Construction of Multi-Purpose Halls

1Construction of MPH (Phase 2) AblanPhp 1,559,020.41
2Construction of MPH Quiling SurPhp 3,951,114.52
3Construction of MPH TabugPhp 4,057,921.58
4Construction of MPH PimentelPhp 4,027,269.31
5Construction of MPH BininganPhp 2,666,963.28
6Construction of MPH ParangopongPhp 4,336,349.25
7Construction of MPH CapacuanPhp 2,219,099.78
8Construction of MPH San MateoPhp 3,674,113.77
9Construction of MPH San PedroPhp 3,975,656.70
10Construction of MPH Baoa EastPhp 2,714,323.26
11Construction of MPH Baoa WestPhp 3,757,061.39
12Construction of MPH CamandinganPhp 3,882,726.96
13Construction of MPH PalongpongPhp 3,479,108.97
14Construction of MPH Bil-locaPhp 3,784,451.2

See the attached document for more details.