DOCS 6469083 – Supply and Delivery of Various Agricultural Inputs and Production Container for Distribution to the Different Farmers in the City of Batac, Ilocos Norte

Approved Budget for the Contract:
PHP 22,728,460.00

1Purchase of Hybrid Palay Seeds and Fertilizers for the Program-Improving Rice Productivity thru Provision of InputsPHP 3,329,000.00

2Purchase of Yellow Corn Seeds and Fertilizers to Corn Growers in the City of BatacPHP 2,338,000.00
3Purchase of Agricultural Inputs and Production Container for Improving Mango ProductivityPHP 1,501,410.00
4Purchase of Garlic and Onion Planting Materials and Inputs for Enhancing Garlic and Onion ProductivityPHP 7,641,750.00
5Purchase of Agricultural Inputs for Sustaining Tobacco ProductionPHP 7,918,300.00

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