NTP 5955481 – Construction of Multi-Purpose Halls

Notice to Proceed

1Construction of MPH (Phase 2) Ablan
2Construction of MPH Quiling SurPhp 3,931,358.13GULF-CANARY CONSTRUCTION & DEV’T, INC.
3Construction of MPH TabugPhp 4,038,587.25GULF-CANARY CONSTRUCTION & DEV’T, INC.
4Construction of MPH PimentelPhp 3,912,275.05GULF-CANARY CONSTRUCTION & DEV’T, INC.
5Construction of MPH BininganPhp 2,653,073.32ZEDIK BUILDERS
6Construction of MPH ParangopongPhp 4,314,365.55GULF-CANARY CONSTRUCTION & DEV’T, INC.
7Construction of MPH CapacuanPhp 2,207,149.62ZEDIK BUILDERS
8Construction of MPH San MateoPhp 3,655,455.27ZEDIK BUILDERS
9Construction of MPH San PedroPhp 3,956,298.01GULF-CANARY CONSTRUCTION & DEV’T, INC.
10Construction of MPH Baoa EastPhp 2,700,414.91ZEDIK BUILDERS
11Construction of MPH Baoa WestPhp 3,655.187.31ZEDIK BUILDERS
12Construction of MPH CamandinganPhp 3,863,676.75GULF-CANARY CONSTRUCTION & DEV’T, INC.
13Construction of MPH PalongpongPhp 3,461,182.07ZEDIK BUILDERS
14Construction of MPH Bil-loca Php 3,765,696.33 GUL-CANARY CONSTRUCTION & DEV’T, INC.