Filing for Petition for Change of First Name and Correction of Clerical Error under Republic Act 9048 and Republic Act 10172

Republic Act No. 9048 authorizes the City/Municipal Civil registrar or the Consul General to correct a typographical error in any entry and/or change of first name or nickname in the civil register without the need of a judicial order.
Republic Act 10172 amended Sections 1,2,5 and 8 of Republic Act No. 9048 authorizes the City/Municipal Registrar or the consul General to correct typographical errors in the day and month or sex of a person in the civil register.

Office or Division:City Civil Registry Office
Classification:Highly Technical Transaction
Type of Transaction:G2C – Government to Citizen
Who may avail:– Persons who were born in the City of Bata whose registered name in the birth certificate is tainted with dishonor, ridiculous, extremely difficult to write or pronounce and has ben habitually and continuously used by the petitioner may file for Change of First Name.
– Persons who were born/married/died in the City of Bata with errors in their civil registry documents but are limited to those mistakes committed in the performance of clerical work in writing, copying, transcribing or typing in entry in the civil register which are harmless and innocuous may file for Correction of Clerical Error.
– Persons who were born in the City of Bata whose errors in their birth certificate particularly the day and month of in the date of birth or sex may file for correction of clerical error pursuant to R.A. 10172. For correction of sex, the document owner will file personally at the Office of the City Civil Registrar.

See attached document for more details.