Issuance of Transcription of Birth, Marriage and Death and Markings of Certified Machine Copy

All birth, marriage and death of an individual occurred in the City may request a certified transcription or certified machine copy provided that the record is available in the Registry Books. In case of no record and destroyed, a negative and destroyed certification will be issued.

Office or Division:City Civil Registry Office
Type of Transaction:G2C – Government to Citizen
Who may avail:-The document owner with a valid identification card.
-Duly authorized representative of the document owner
-A spouse, whose name is indicated in his/her marriage document with his/her partner and documents of his/her wife/husband and their children.
-Parents of the document owner provided their name is indicated in the latter’s birth document
-A child of legal age can request for the birth and death documents of his/her parent provided that he/she has sufficient documentation to support this case. However, a child can only request for the marriage documents of his/her own parents as indicated in his/her own birth certificate.
-A guardian appointed by the court or the person exercising substitute parental authority pursuant to Article 26 of the Family Code of the Philippines.
-Institutions legally in-charge of a minor
-The court or proper public official whenever absolutely necessary in administrative, judicial or other official proceedings to determine the identity of the person.
-Government agencies pursuant to their mandate provided that the requesting government agency executed Data Sharing Agreement with the LGU
-Nearest kin of a deceased person (Manner of succession-legal spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents,, uncles and aunts as per definition from Republic Act No. 9994 known as Ëxpanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010″.

See attached document for more details.