Resolutions – 50th Regular Session August 07, 2017

Resolution No. 4SP 2017-147

Resolution Authorizing the City Mayor Albert D. Chua to Enter Into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Local Government Academy (LGA) of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) represented by Executive Director Marivel C. Sacendoncillo and the Department of the Interior and Local Government Regional Office, Region I representedby Director James F. Fadrilan to Implement the Project Entitled “Sustainable Development Goals Family-Based Actions for Children and their Environs in the Slums (SDG – FACES)”.

Sponsored by: SPM Jeremiah C. Nalupta, SPM Sabas-Quidang, SPM Gaoat, SPM Garcia, SPM Pungtilan, SPM Crisostomo, SPM Aguinaldo, SPM Marders, SPM Tanagon, Sr., SPM Cajigal, SPM Johann C. Nalupta & VM J. Nalupta

Resolution No. 4SP 2017-148

Review Of/Action on Barangay Appropriation Ordinance No. 01 s. 2017 of Payao Entitled “Appropriating Funds in the Amount of Php233,791.68 for the Cash Gift and Year-End Bonus of Barangay Officials, Supplies and Materials, Electricity Expense, Travelling Expenses, Other Maintenance and Operating Expenses (Empanada Festival, City Fiesta, Training and Seminar, Benchmarking and Additional Aid to Barangay Record Keeper), and Non-Office Expenditure (Additional Aid to Day Care Worker, BHW, BNS, BSPO and Barangay Tanod)” (Supplemental Budget No. 01 CY 2017).

Sponsored by: SPM Cajigal, SPM Marders, SPM Johann Nalupta, SPM Tanagon & SPM Pungtilan