Ordinances – 28th Regular Session February 20, 2017

Ordinance No. 4SP 2017-01

An Ordinance Amending Ordinance No. 3SP 2016-03 Entitled “An Ordinance Declaring Certain Parcels of Land Situated Southeast of Batac Public Market Under Cad. Lot No. 15931, Cad. 398 of the Batac Cadastre to be Designated and Named as the “City Government of Batac’s New Economic and Commercial Zone” (CGB-NECZ), and Providing Funds Thereof for their Acquisition”.

Authored by: SPM Garcia, SPM Sabas-Quidang, SPM Gaoat, SPM Pungtilan, SPM Jeremiah Nalupta, SPM Crisostomo, SPM Aguinaldo, SPM Marders, SPM Tanagon, SPM Cajigal, SPM Johann Nalupta & VM J. Nalupta

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