Ordinances – 7th Special Session December 27, 2016

Ordinance No. 4SP 2016-03

An Ordinance Reverting the Amount of Eighteen Million Ninety Six Thousand Four Hundred Eighty One and Sixteen Centavos (Php18,096,481.16) from Savings Under the 20% Development Fund for Years 2006, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 and Savings Under Personal Services and Maintenance and Other Operating Expenditures to the Unappropriated Surplus and Appropriating the same for Terminal Leave Pay, Completion of the Multi-Purpose Building, Construction of Gymnasium/Evacuation Center, Construction of Comfort Room at the Public Market, Aid to Barangay Tanods, Aid to Barangay Health Workers, Aid to Barangay Service Point Officer, Aid to Barangay Nutrition Scholars and Other Maintenance and Operating Expenditures of the Office of the Mayor.

Authored by: SPM Cajigal, SPM Marders, SPM Johann Nalupta, SPM Sabas-Quidang, SPM Gaoat, SPM Garcia, SPM Pungtilan, SPM Jeremiah Nalupta, SPM Crisostomo, SPM Aguinaldo, SPM Tanagon & VM J. Nalupta 

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