February 24, 2020 – 30th Regular Session

Ordinance No. 5SP 2020 – 07

An Ordinance Amending City Ordinance No. 2SP 2013-02, Entitled “An Ordinance Regulating the Conduct of Night Market in the City of Batac, Ilocos Norte”.

Authored by: SPMs Pungtilan, Lagmay, Gaoat, Quidang, Crisostomo, Aguinaldo, Tanagon, Sr., Marders, Daradar-Nalupta, Bunye, Ulit, Daguio & VM Chua

Ordinance No. 5SP 2020 – 08

An Ordinance Mandating All Barangay Officials Including the Members of the Barangay Based Institutions to Conduct Flag Raising Ceremony Once a Month in their Respective Barangay Halls/Community Centers.

Authored by: SPMs Quidang, Gaoat, Crisostomo, Pungtilan, Aguinaldo, Tanagon, Sr., Marders, Daradar-Nalupta, Lagmay, Bunye, Ulit, Daguio & VM Chua

Resolution No. 5SP 2020 – 82

Review of/Action on Barangay Appropriation Ordinance No. 02 s. 2019 of Bil-Loca Entitled “An Ordinance Authorizing the Annual Budget of Barangay #35 Bil-Loca, City of Batac for Fiscal Year 2020 in the Amount of Php4,043,247.70 and Appropriating the Necessary Funds for the Purposes” (Barangay Annual Budget CY 2020)

Sponsored by: SPMs Marders, Gaoat, Tanagon, Sr., Ulit, Aguinaldo & Lagmay

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