March 31, 2020 – 3rd Special Session

Appro. Ord. No. 5SP 2020 – 02

An Ordinance Authorizing Supplemental Budget No. 01 Series of 2020, Involving an Amount of Sixty-Four Million Fifty-Five Thousand Pesos (Php64,055,000.00) from the Year-End Surplus of CY 2019 for the Different Programs and Projects of the City Government of Batac, to Combat the Spread of Corona Virus Diseases.

Authored by: SPMs Marders, Quidang, Gaoat, Crisostomo, Pungtilan, Aguinaldo, Tanagon, Sr., Daradar-Nalupta, Lagmay, Bunye, Ulit, Daguio & VM Chua

Resolution No. 5SP 2020 – 113

A Resolution Approving to Re-Align and Re-Program Portion of the 20% Development Fund Under the Annual Development Fund of Calendar Year 2020 Incorporated in the Appropriation Ordinance No. 5SP 2019-04 in the Amount of Seventeen Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos Only (Php17,500,000.00) to Augment the Needed Financial Resources for the Programs/Projects/Activities (PPAs) to Effectively Combat and Contain and Prevent the Effects and Impact of the COVID-19 Threat.

Sponsored by: SPMs Marders, Gaoat, Tanagon, Sr., Quidang, Crisostomo, Pungtilan, Aguinaldo, Daradar-Nalupta, Lagmay, Bunye, Ulit, Daguio & VM Chua

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