The Batac agricultural community displayed a strong sense of unity during the Farmers’ Festival Grand Parade held on May 3, with the active involvement of farmers, barangays, government institutions, and non-government organizations.

Governor Matthew Marcos Manotoc, who served as the Guest of Honor and Speaker, commended the City Government of Batac, led by Mayor Albert D. Chua, for successfully organizing the grand parade and celebrating the hard work of farmers.

The Grand Parade showcased floats created by rural barangays, each embodying this year’s theme, “Siensia ken Teknolohia, Mangpabileg ti Agrikultura” (“Science and Technology: Strengthening Agriculture”). Each barangay exhibited a beautifully decorated float featuring farm equipment given by the City Government, such as the combine harvester, 5-in-1 hand tractor, fertilizer applicator, multi-cultivator, and four-wheeled tractor. These floats were further embellished with various farming technologies.

The City Government of Batac’s float highlighted the future of agriculture, featuring bullet trains for transporting farm produce and other cutting-edge technologies, such as drone sprayers.

Governor Manotoc also acknowledged the city government and its officials for their exceptional support for our Batacqueño farmers.

Farmers’ Festival is an annual festivity staged by the City Government of Batac through the City Agriculture Office.