To conclude the Tourism Month Celebration, the City Government of Batac hosted the Stakeholder’s Night on October 2 at the North Stellar Hotel and Events Place. This event was designed as a platform to strengthen connections and cultivate deeper ties among the city’s tourism stakeholders, setting the stage for a robust and sustainable tourism future.

The evening paid tribute to the individuals and groups who have painted the city’s tourism canvas with vibrant stories and transformative initiatives. It also introduced the Association of Tourism Industries in the City of Batac, followed by the induction of its pioneering set of officers.

The attendance and unwavering support of Vice Governor Cecilia Araneta Marcos,  with the Ilocos Norte Tourism Office, underscored the importance of the event. Their presence marked a significant milestone, as Batac becomes the first Local Government Unit (LGU) to initiate such endeavor.

Mayor Albert D. Chua expressed his commitment to uplifting Batac’s local tourism industry. He shared his vision of weaving a resilient network of stakeholders, envisioning Batac as the capital of food tourism in the province.