After successfully complying with all the parameters set forth for the Barangay Drug Clearing Program, four new barangays from the City of Batac are declared drug-cleared by the Regional Oversight Committee for Barangay Drug Clearing Program. These barangays are Parangopong, Magnuang, Baoa West and Dariwdiw.

This achievement is part of the Barangay Drug Clearing Program, a national government initiative aimed at eradicating illegal drug use and trade at the community level. It requires the absence of drug-related activities, community involvement in anti-drug efforts, and the successful execution of awareness, prevention, and rehabilitation programs.

After undergoing a rigorous process, these eight barangays have demonstrated cooperation between community leaders, law enforcement, and residents in creating safe environments.

Their application for the barangay drug-clearing program was supported and assisted by the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC) headed by Mayor Albert D. Chua.

Punong Barangay Luis Battulayan of Parangopong, Christopher Fontanilla of Magnuang, Leovino Baranda of Baoa West, and Rey Ventura of Dariwdiw, together with the CADAC members, personally defended their Barangay Drug-Clearing Application at Pangasinan on November 10.